Dental Implants Melbourne CBD

Dental Implants in Melbourne CBD

If you are missing one or more teeth can a dental implant be the best solution for you. Our specialists in prosthetics would like to render you a beautiful and powerful bite that last a lifetime.

We cooperate with top of the range, Dental Implants (formerly Astra Tech Dental), in order to offer the best treatment available and have access to the latest expertise in technology and materials.

Dental Implants Investigation

We always begin with the x-ray the area in question and a thorough investigation to get a clear picture of the situation.
Then, we go through the different possibilities and options.
Sometimes it turns out that a dental implant is not necessary, it is enough with another solution .
you always get a cost estimate that you can think of in peace.

Dental Implants Operation

All operations are done with local Anesthesias and any sedation. During the surgery, we insert the screw or screws which we will attach the new tooth, teeth or prosthesis.
The surgery usually takes about one hour. If you choose to be sedated, you can not drive directly related to the surgery.
And you can probably then not return directly to work.

We will contact you the same evening or the following morning to ensure that you are well and that everything is as it should be.
You are called to a free return visit shortly after the surgery.
Although you may feel a little sore in the mouth or a few days after surgery, it is important that you are careful oral hygiene.

New tooth

After surgery, most very eager to get their new teeth and new teeth in place.Sometimes it can be quite short after the operation.
In other cases, the patient needs to wait a while to let the bone and screw or screws heal properly before tooth or teeth are put in place and charged.