Teeth Whitening Melbourne CBD

All people have different base color of the teeth. A properly completed teeth whitening can give whiter teeth and a beautiful smile. City Dental provides two different methods of teeth whitening. The first method is a gradual Teeth Whitening with specially molded mouth trays for you. You whitens teeth yourself at home for a few nights while you sleep. The second method is a clinic bleaching where we Laser your teeth while sitting in a dental chair. With this method, your teeth bleached away. Read more about the different methods below.

Teeth whitening treatment

Before starting your teeth whitening treatment, we carefully find out if you need to remove tartar or if other measures need to be performed before the bleaching. This control is included in the price.
Our dental technicians produces a light rail completely tailored to your teeth. The rail gets you out after 1-2 weeks. Along with the dentist, you map out how the treatment works. You determine the strength of the tooth whitening and how to care for your teeth in your teeth whitening.

A whitening gel is applied to the thin, pale personalised rail. Most people choose to whiten your teeth at night and sleep with the rail, but it is obviously good to whiten teeth in the day too. The treatment of teeth whitening varies, it depends on what result you as a patient wants to achieve and how your teeth look out from the beginning. The most common is a treatment duration of 3-5 days. Already after the first treatment, most can see a change.

Laser Bleaching with Polus Laser Systems

Teeth Whitening Lamp Polus® is the latest and most advanced on the market right now. As the world’s most powerful halogen lamp for teeth whitening gives Polus clinically proven superior results compared to plasma and laser systems. First, we are undergoing a consultation, examination and color imaging of the patient. Thereafter, a protection along the gumline. Then apply a whitening gel (6% hydrogen peroxide) on the teeth. Bleaching gel with activated Polus lamp.The gel is changed three times during the treatment. The treatment time is about 60 minutes. When the treatment is finished, you undergo a mouth rinse, fluoride treatments, and color sampling to see the difference.

Considerations after treatment

Avoid colored food and drink for three days when the bleaching process continues, such as coffee, tea, Coca Cola, soya, tomato sauces, beetroot, curry, chocolate, colored toothpaste, etc. Also avoid tobacco and wine. Drink plenty of water to quickly restore balance in the teeth. It is also important that you are careful with your oral hygiene and brushing your teeth morning and evening, use white toothpaste and rinse happy with fluoride solution such Dentan.

Side effects

After treatment, you may experience occasional shooting pains, but these are transient and disappear within a few days. Some patients may experience a certain patchiness / color shift or white spots, but even this is temporary and disappears after about 1-2 weeks. Any mottling depends on the composition of the molecules in the dentin (dentin). If and when this happens the enamel need a little extra time to be uniform in color after bleaching.